onsdag 29 juni 2011

Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness (Australien 1971)

John Robinson / guitar
Neale Johns / vocals
Robert Fortesque / bass
Alexander Kash / drums
Bon Scott / recorders, timbalis, tambourine
John Bisset / electric piano (6)

1. At The Mountains Of Madness (3:31)
2. On This Day That I Die (3:59)
3. Seasons Of Change, Part 1 (3:52)
4. Mangos Theme, Part 2 (8:06)
5. Long Legged Lovely (7:32)
6. The Rat (Suite) (14:00)
a) Main Title (The Rat)
b) The Trap
c) Spanish Blues
d) Blazwaorden (Land Of Dreams)
e) Finale (The Rat)

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  2. Of course I Will, Islandhippie. It is a great page you have. Very interesting things. The russian progscene is almost unknown to me. It seems that there is very few bands from the seventies. Can you recomend any interesting soviet progressive groups. The only ones I know is Horisont and Gunesh.

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